“Raise funds for your movies and make dreams a reality”

Empowering Filmmakers

GoViddo provides an fundraising solution for their dream project where they can

Raise Finance through a platform offering investment to the film investors & sophisticated investors.

Here's how everything works

  • Filmmakers pitch movies/series/documentaries ideas (“Projects”) along with the terms of investment on the GoViddo platform.
  • Qualified investors can commit to a Project they like and GoViddo takes its commission once the process is complete.
  • Each Project obtaining the necessary funding shall be funded under a special purpose vehicle which will be a limited company formed to develop a Project. Investors will become shareholders of the SPV.
  • Filmmakers make the movies and can license to either other channels or release in the cinema with the help of sales agents and/or film distributors in partnership with GoViddo or by themselves.
  • GoViddo serves as liaison in this entire process and holds up to 10% in the profit share in every investment as its fees.
  • Filmmakers get paid from all the channels they distribute the movies to.
  • Filmmakers pay the Film Investors as per the agreed terms by way of profit distribution.