Issue : Education

There are many talented children in the rural part of India but they could not complete quality higher studies due to hefty fees and underprivileged humble family backgrounds.

How we’re helping

Our Educate a Child in India program helps bridge the “readiness gap” and GoViddo donates 2% of its annual revenue for this cause to a charity "Sangita Foundation" which works in the space of education. You can also directly sponsor education of the child via this charity and scholarships allow determined youth to continue their schooling and higher education to achieve their dreams.

Covid-19 Support to India

Considering the current devastating COVID-19 situation in India, we are also extending our support to people in need with the Sangita Foundation, who are making sure that help reaches at the right place. If you would like to provide any kind of help for this cause as well, please get in touch with us.