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The film is based on Pratik Shelar's journey to entrepreneurship in the UK from a small town (Tuljapur) in Maharashtra, India. The film explores his grand dream to make it into the British film industry, a dream matched by his courage in the face of political, ethnic and social adversities.

Since the film is a true underdog story behind creation of Indian Movie Friend (founded in 2014) The first ever ticketing and platform for Indian movies/events in the UK and this GoViddo (founded in 2018) platform, It will be one of the most emotionally compelling stories the audience will ever witness.


  • 183% to 481% Projected
  • ROI Between £9,150 to £24,050 on £5,000 investment

Tax Benefits
  • 30% Tax Relief (EIS)
  • Capital gains tax relief (EIS)
  • Free from Inheritance Tax (EIS)


  • The film is already insured by completion guarantor Patterson and James which means it will be finished, delivered and released in time.
  • The film has the potential to inspire various socio-economic groups across the world, challenging the audience to dare to dream and reminding viewers that fate will always reward the ones that do!
  • The generation defining story of an underdog which has the potential to bridge the cultural gaps between east and west and to break stereotypes, prejudice about and within British society!
    - Reaction for the script by the test audience

  • Because of the subject matter and the immense global appeal that can travel to any country in the world including the biggest markets of all, the USA, India and China. The “magic formula” for a successful movie will be deployed: a good script, a top-class, successful director, producers, music composers, and a high-quality principal cast.
  • Along-with the ROI you will also get satisfaction to be associated with such a project which will help to ignite the fire in hearts and minds to all those millions across the world to dare to dream big and achieve it despite all adversities of socio economic and cultural barriers.